pod technical
stethoscope cases

A quality stethoscope can last a lifetime. Give it the protection it deserves! Pod Technical stethoscope cases have been designed to offer the maximum protection for your stethoscope whilst remaining lightweight and stylish. The outer cases are covered in highly durable 1680D nylon, whilst the strong double zipper is nylon coated to offer maximum dust protection for your scope during transportation. Inside the fully lined inner there is a perfectly fitting preformed insert to hold it in place during transit, plus space for spare eartips and a mesh pocket for extra storage.

About us

Pod Technical Specialist Cases have been developed specifically to offer the highest possible protection for sensitive medical equipment. Our in house designed cases are custom made to our specification using the very latest manufacturing techniques. Through strategic partnership we have developed what we believe to be the best solution for medical equipment storage. Pod Technical products are distributed only from the UK and USA. Through our extensive business experience, we have found this to be the most secure and reliable service for our customers. With more than a decade of industry specific hands on product experience, we have been able to design cases that not only look fantastic, but offer what we believe represent the very best quality and design available.


Product Reviews

  • Case fits the Littman Classic perfectly. I'd suggest buying this at same time as stethoscope, best protection we found for the money. GS
  • Really pleased, everyone comments on how nice it looks. Student Doc
  • This is a great case. It has held up well. Sid
  • Would recommend it to anyone looking for a stethoscope case. Zoe
  • The case is of fantastic quality. Ishani

Case Features

  • Specialist Design

    pod stethoscope cases are designed by industry experts to give maximum protection by holding the stethoscope securely and under the least stress during transit.

  • The Right Fit

    Not all stethoscopes are created equal! Whilst a stethoscope with single lumen tubing can be curled snugly into the smaller classicpod case, a double lumen tube should not be overly flexed as this will cause the outer and inner tube to rub together. The larger cardiopod allows double lumen tubing to lay at a safe curvature.

  • Stylish

    A simple minamalist design compliments the design of your stethoscope. Different colours and finishes allow for a touch of individuality.